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About Ventures for Sustainability

Ventures for Sustainability is South Asia's and Pakistan's first-ever interregional incubator platform that focuses on enabling the youth across South Asia to design, develop and implement their own grass-root level projects. It further works on bridging the gap between the youth across South Asia by providing them with a safe, collaborative, and learning environment. 

The organization is multifaceted and has three distinct programs that it actively operates. On a regional level, the Ventures for Sustainability Fellowship Program brings together youth across Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in an 8-week-long virtual program that provides distinctive master classes. The organization also runs an intensive local masterclass, the Hilah Fellowship Program for Pakistan's youth, and U.S. State Department Alumni Network. And lastly, the organization engages with local leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, speakers, artists, visionaries, and the U.S. Mission Alumni across its participating countries, Ventures for Sustainability Mentorship Program.

Ventures of Sustainability works closely with U.S. Mission in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Ventures for Sustainability aligns it's areas of focus with Sustainable Development Goals, and strongly encourages it's fellows to work on the following social issues in South Asia:

  • Education

  • Gender Equality 

  • Climate Change

Bandarban, Bangladesh by Amjad Rana.jpg

Ventures for Sustainability is a U.S. Mission to Pakistan project that aims to engage the U.S. State Department Alumni across the region by inviting them as mentors or as fellows through our fellowship program. 

The Venture for Sustainability Fellowship is designed to ensure that the vast Alumni network of the region is forever engaged in changing the lives of others. 


This Fellowship is also in direct alignment with the aims of the U.S Mission to Pakistan as it:
a) Strengthens people-to-people ties on local and regional levels
b) Enhances community engagement through positive messages and tolerant perspectives
that enhance and amplify community-based efforts in a wide range of areas.
c) Demonstrates shared values, which builds respect and trust and increases effective

Ventures for Sustainability and U.S. Mission 

Our Goals

Interregional Collaboration



Trainings and Seminars

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