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Ventures For Sustainability Fellowship Program

Regional Fellowship Program

Status: Open
Application Deadline: 6th March 2023

Start Date: 24th March 2023

Ventures for Sustainability Fellowship Program is an 8-week long regional incubation virtual program that focuses on interregional harmony and collaboration, capacity building and providing hands-on experience with creating impactful small grass-root level projects in the South Asia region. The Fellowship has two cycles each year commencing in March and October.


Ventures for Sustainability Fellowship partners with U.S. Mission and its Alumni in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Successful fellows are provided with different types of learning and training seminars from local and regional leaders. These fellows are then divided into teams where they get to experience brain-storming, designing, and developing a small grass-root level project from scratch, and get to implement it at the end of the Fellowship program. 

This is a non-formal education program that is an amalgamation of different vocational learning subjects such as project management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As the Fellowship focuses on Sustainable Development Goals, the fellows are encouraged to align their grass-root level projects with the SDGs.

The Fellowship also provides focused learning modules for the fellows. The modules are designed to be interactive and engaging, highlighting the examples from the region, and creating a sense of collective learning and collaboration for the fellows, helping them in understanding the problems and landscape of South Asia in the areas of gender equality, education, and climate change

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Ventures for Sustainability encourages Alumni and individuals to apply from all backgrounds and profiles, whether you are an artist or a coder, the organization welcomes and encourages diversity. 

  • Applicants from the following South Asian countries can apply: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

  • Fellowship is open for young residents of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Alumni of US Government fellowship programs also are eligible.

  • Applicants must have 2 years of experience working in the areas of gender equality, education, and climate change awareness

  • Applicants must be able to communicate in English

  • Applicants must have access to stable internet and a working laptop in order to participate. 

  • Applicants must provide one letter of recommendation


Ventures for Sustainability is an equal opportunity organization, that welcomes, encourages, and celebrates South Asian individuality and diversity.  As part of the Ventures for Sustainability, you will:

  • Be able to connect with like-minded individuals

  • Be able to work and create your own project

  • Be able to learn and grow with support and assistance from some of the leading experts 

  • Have access to a well-established network 

  • Develop strong ties

  • Experience community engagement

  • Learn and deepen shared values with your colleagues

  • The most innovative projects will receive full support for the implementation of the pilot.

  • Successful participants with 90% attendance will receive a certificate.

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